The Generation Gap!


Life is not a single step process, we go through various phases of unanimity, revulsion, worship and of course accomplishments. In between all this, we face differences of mind, attitude and opinions, what caters to our existence and mutual coexistence is how we face and counter the differences. Most sorts of differences could be rationally filled and sentimentally adjusted, but Generation Gap is an all-time rage which can hardly be fulfilled up to the expectations of the involved.

It is one such type of societal crisis in which we all have to eventually fall into! It is the basis of further unfortunate circumstances in family or where minds are involved, rather everywhere.

Who suffers the outcomes of Generation Gap is not a particular generation, but at times a chain of them. Consider wearing an attire utterly grossed out by your grandparents: who suffers from the generation fights? Not only are you forced to change which makes you upset, your grandparents who think the morality of your generation is threatened, is upset too, but also the less archiving one, your parents are forced to reconsider both the offended groups.

Why it is important to fill this gap is because, we don’t want to be left behind. While the world progresses, we don’t want to be upset with ourselves raising and depreciating the things that led to the progress of the world and eventually the reason behind the comfort we are in. While one of the generation must evolve with the growing times in order to witness their success and improvisation, the other must respect and applaud the reason why the other generation disapproves it in the process of convincing them to adapt.

In a peace deprived world, we have a choice to give ourselves another reason to break world peace and start another level of so called ‘Cold War’ in the form of a ‘Generation Fight’ or adjust ourselves to the changing trends and if not inculcate then appreciate them.

We are inevitably doomed to be hit hard upon by Generation Gap today or tomorrow. There is no escape to it, but there is a way to minimize its effects! However, we cannot ignore the fact that generation gap is the outcome of progress! So, from the optimist point of view, generation gap is a symbol of unfolding success of the generation and a lunge of empowerment.

The 19 Year Old Generation!

India, even after being undermined technologically or in terms of open-ness of mind, its ingrown teenage population has recently turned up as a major wave of Revolutionary force, which not only tends to change the previously assigned mindset of their elders but also aims to widen the previously opened doors towards teenage complementary resources for the future generations. The concept of Love encompassed a series of changes as years progressed, not only did the principles change but also deteriorated. Being a part of the 90’s population- the present generation – whom people will voluntarily blame for every bad societal influence, it is really hard for a 19 year old to survive the turbulence of its generation.


We understood the real meaning of democracy when we found ourselves sandwiched in a society already divided into the popular cultured elders and the very good cultured, although narrow minded elders. The so called, cool and uncool parents. Those who were very cool with their children, often mostly talked about by the classmates of their children at school, for getting a new iPhone for their children or granting permission to their child for the weekend school trip, where basically the ones mostly bitched about by their very elders for having spoilt their children. They were the ones whom every teenage would love to be grown up by! Of course, teenage tendency, unknowingly the worst technique to be nurtured by.

The other section included the ones with best moral values as parents, often talked about by their elders as their favorite successors. They were also the ones always undermined by their children for their over receptive behavior and unending parent philosophy in everything they did. They were the so called ‘Over-Protective’ parents, which no child would cherish in their teenage hood until the time they became parents themselves. 

Being a part of a society undergoing immense revolutionary conflicts not only between the various generations but also within the various generations obviously created a lack of proper societal image in our head. Every teenage of our generation underwent the same societal crisis. 

Our societal unawaken self was not the only problem which we had to encounter, other issues like friendship hypocrisy, trust issues, unkempt promises, un-admired talent and ego clashes encompassed progressively. 

After all these unforeseen issues, we were expected to be the pillars of the ‘bright future’ of our nation as a ‘responsible’ citizen. Such is the hypocrisy in the entire system of our self-generation and hence the eagerness of a nineteen year old to escape its teenage hood as soon as possible.

About The Infinity Land .

“Welcome To the Infinity Land.”

The Land which starts from you and ends in Void. Who can define “Infinity” ? No one ever can but We can associate The concept of Infinity To the LAND OF FOREVER. To the land which has no end.

I have walked miles, and discovered nowhere to go, nowhere to stop. I finally stopped for a while to ask myself if the Road I was walking by, was leading me to somewhere worthwhile? I could hear not a single beat, PIN DROP SILENCE. It was like my voice was trying to answer me from within but it could not. Everything was Vague wasn’t it? I decided not to walk anymore. I was lying down. I decided not to question myself anymore, EVER.

“Did anything Ever Make sense ? “

I woke up abruptly to find myself lying beside my guitar with broken strings and dust lay all over it like lying in that vast desert few seconds ago, not knowing how I reached there, not knowing what that question symbolically meant, and not even knowing what sense it made! Did anything ever make sense?

Those minutes of confusion where my worst hours spent. It suddenly appeared to me Like all the days I spent made no sense at all, all the good clothes I’ve ever bought made no sense at all, neither does any feeling anything that ever associates with it would ever make sense at all. What made sense then? Everything was Nothing. I wanted to go back there. To The Infinity Land.